Skyrocket your social media so that your soulmate clients are blowing up your DM's.

Yes I'm Sold

..That’ll get you inspired to create a plan that turns content into cash and finally come out of the visibility closet.

(Plus oodles and oodles of posts and prompt ideas so you actually go and share the content.)


Create your magnetic content plan for a powerful online presence (in less than 2 hours!)

Messaging Magic explains timeless principles that make it SO EASY to take action. It's such incredible content at a no-brainer investment.

-Kamelia Britton, instagram coach

The social prompts alone are worth the price of admission! OMG! I would agonize and overthink trying to figure. out what to say that's aligned and "on-brand". Now posting has become so easy!


Standing out online can feel like a struggle.

It’s noisy out there!

What you do is so unique you just don’t know how to rise above the noise to get your soulmate client’s attention so they’re ready to say hell yes to working with you.

Maybe you have so much to say but are not sure how to say it...

Or maybe you’re not sure what to say….

Putting your content out there can feel so vulnerable.

You’re damn good at what you do so when you put your offers out there and just get back crickets it’s more than disappointing.

It’s straight-up discouraging!

Sometimes you secretly wonder if you should give up and get a J.O.B.


Here’s the thing - There’s nothing wrong with you.

The problem is NOT you. It’s your strategy.

You’ve been creating content for a while but your engagement just isn’t where you want it to be. And neither are your sales.

You need a content strategy to match your next level.

I gotchu.

Messaging Magic will set you up for success online in 3 simple steps.

(I’ve been there too.)

Creating a content plan can be as simple as...

Decode Your Message

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Map Out A Plan

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Create & Schedule

Create your Message Map and schedule 30 days of content as soon as tonight!

Get ready to open up your waitlist!

i'm so ready to join!

This was a game-changer for me and how I think about my brand. Now I feel engaged with a new sense of direction with my content... and my people are noticing.


I have so much more clarity on my message that my mind is buzzing with content ideas. I actually post now because I have a solid plan for my social media!


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Akashic Records Reader
Brand Designer
Brand Strategist
Business Coach
Event Planner
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Garden Designer
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Get the simple step-by-step system to create social media content fast in less than 2 hours!


Perf! You'll find everything you need to create social posts that attract soulmate clients inside Messaging Magic.

Get the simple step-by-step system to create social media content fast in less than 2 hours!

Even If You Prefer Creating On The Fly!

so if you're thinking... “OKAY JORDAN, YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION.. WHAT’S THE SCOOP!?”

Your first sale will pay for this (and that's just the beginning).

So what are you waiting for?

By the end of the training, you’ll be able to…

Create With Clarity & Ease

Stop spending hours agonizing over what to say. With the prompts and exercises, you’ll have high-value content in HALF the time!

Simplify Your Marketing

Learn a repeatable, fun and easy process for turning your content into cash.

Sell Without Sleaze

Magnetize soulmate clients with deeply resonant messaging. Make sales without feeling salesy.

Grab Messaging Magic today


Now only $47

get instant access now

Have we met yet?

Hey, I’m Jordan, owner of Ignite Your Soul Brand & go-to Creative Director for female business owners ready to build an in-demand brand infused with meaning and magnetism…

I left a 20-year media and advertising career to pursue my passion of helping coaches, consultants and service-based business in the transformation space to market their expertise with photoshoot direction, brand strategy and consulting.

Before I said goodbye to big-time agency life, I had the honor of:

Creating campaigns for movies & TV shows such as The Lord of
the Rings
Trilogy, Star Trek, Game of Thrones… and many more.

Working with private clients Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller, Cards Against Humanity and Manifestation Babe.

Art Directing photo shoots for celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez… 




Here’s EVERYTHING You’re Going to Get:

Message Map Method

Get clear on the core needs and desires of your soulmate client so that you can create profitable & irresistible messaging that DEEPLY resonates.

Messaging Magic Formula

The secret to content that turns to cash is planning for profit. In this module you’ll learn my step-by-step system to plan a whole month of content in less than 30 minutes. This is the same plan I use to build a 6-Figure Business from social media.

The Power Hour

This is so much more than a checklist. You’ll get my exact Power Hour strategy that cuts all the fluff so you focus on what matters - and ditch ALL THE REST.

Message Map Method

Uncover your audience's unmet needs and desires so that you can create irresistible content that has them wondering “how did they get inside my head?”

Messaging Magic™ Formula

Grab my step-by-step system to plan your monthly (or quarterly) content strategy in less than an hour.

Power Hour Checklist:

Say goodbye to staring blankly at your screen with no idea of what to do to get clients coming to you. You’ll get my Power Hour Checklist that I’ve used to create a 6-figure business from social media.


Write “wow” copy that captures the attention of your audience and has them drooling over every word. This is your cheatsheet to write compelling marketing copy with ease.

Social Savvy Prompts

Get over 240+ headlines, CTA’s, story prompts, video topics and post ideas so you plan, create and schedule content fast.

But wait, there's more!

Sign up today and you'll also get these limited time bonuses:

Special Limited Bonuses!

ready to UPGRADE TO VIP?

Leverage the power of video to bring in more leads, customers and sales.

Let's face it... Instagram has changed drastically over the years!

You *know* your clients are on the platform but you're tired of feeling invisible while churning out content consistently.

Let's leverage the power of Reels with the 111 Reels Video Vault so you can sell more of your offers!

We can all admit that using video to tell a story is one of the most effective ways to convey a message that inspires and entertains your audience online. 

It's time to stop worrying your content will look cringe, instead of cool

You know you need to create Reels, but every time you open the app you break out into a cold sweat

Your Instagram engagement and growth has stalled or stopped so let's end the crickets!

get instant access now

3 Training Video Modules + Workbooks
Instant-Access Training Portal
Message Map Method
Messaging Magic Formula
The Power Hour Checklist
Power Words that Pop
Social Saavy Social Prompts
111 Reel Video Ideas Vault

You’re a few minutes away from MESSAGING MAGIC


3 Training Video Modules + Workbooks
Instant-Access Training Portal
Message Map Method
Messaging Magic Formula
The Power Hour Checklist
Power Words that Pop
Social Saavy Social Prompts



I'm going to walk you through the exact social strategy I use every month to build a six-figure business. Plus I’m giving you prompts too - to instantly make your social:



111 Reel Video Ideas Vault

Your social posts could be written and SCHEDULED this time tomorrow!!







What can I expect from the course? 

Messaging Magic is a toolkit for coaches, consultants and service professionals to learn all about how to create magnetic content AND be consistent.

I’m very busy. What if I don’t have time to do the course now? 

You have lifetime access and all future updates to this course. It’s totally up to you when you start. The course is intentionally designed to be bingeable af. Three quick trainings, a simple plug n play content plan & schedule. Done and done.

Is the course available right away? 

Yes! Once you make a one time payment of $47 you will receive instant access to the trainings, content calendar and social prompts.

What if I’m just starting out as a business owner? 

Congrats! This is the perfect introduction to what it feels like to grow your business with content marketing.

Will this work for me if I’m already a bit further in my business? 

If you currently experience stress in the form of: overwhelm, procrastination or posting content that just gets you crickets - this product is crucial for your business. What I am giving you is a proven system that I used to remove overwhelm, build my six figure business, and consistently post content that drives profits.

Will this work for Instagram?

Absolutely! I show you how to create super high value content. This works on every social media marketing platform.

You may be thinking, this sounds great but will it work for me?

If you're a coach, consultant or service provider then the simple answer is YES!


© 2023 IGNITE YOUR SOUL BRAND llC | All rights reserved

© 2023 IGNITE YOUR SOUL BRAND llC | All rights reserved