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Create a Money-Making Brand Online That Conveys Your Value & Expertise

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Exhausted trying to find your soulmate clients?

Ready to create a magnetic brand that

amplifies your results?

Tired of having a brand that's a hot mess?

Then you NEED TO BE IN this challenge!

Start Attracting your Ideal Client in 5 Days


Knowing how to make a powerful first impression with your brand that establishes your expertise.


Skyrocketing your sales with a magnetic visual strategy that stands out from the crowd.


Tapping into my undiscovered attraction principle that converts soulmate clients like crazy.

this is for you.

Clearly communicate who you are, what you do and how you help people.

Here's What We'll Cover in 5 Days..


Make a Powerful First Impression

Know exactly what to do to create a magnetic brand that represents you across all the spaces and places online so you’re taken seriously and make the right impression.


Decode Your Brand Essence

Is multiple brand personality disorder driving you crazy? It’s totally possible to create a brand that conveys your essence and message while attracting soulmate clients. 


The Art of Brand Personality

Your work is transformational and you want a brand that has personality, creates an authentic connection and inspires confidence in your soulmate clients to invest in working with you.


Undiscovered Attraction Principle 

Discover a better way to start showing up more confidently while being yourself, so you’re set up for success.


Hidden Layer of Meaning

Get to the heart of your soul brand so you can clearly differentiate your business and become indispensable to your soulmate clients.

FREE 5-Day Livestream Extravaganza
March 14-18, 2022

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Unleash Your
Soul Brand

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Hey, I’m Jordan, owner of Ignite Your Soul Brand, a 6/2 Generator in Human Design & the go-to Creative Director for female business owners ready to build an in-demand brand infused with meaning and magnetism…

I left a 20-year media and advertising career to pursue my passion of helping coaches, consultants and service-based business in the transformation space to market their expertise with photoshoot direction, brand strategy and consulting.

Before I said goodbye to big-time agency life, I had the honor of:

Creating campaigns for movies & TV shows such as The Lord of
the Rings
Trilogy, Star Trek, Game of Thrones… and many more.

Working with private clients Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller, Cards Against Humanity and Manifestation Babe.

Art Directing photo shoots for celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez… 

first prize

second prize

third prize

Crystal Water Bottle

I Am Journal 

Affirmation Cards

oh and... there's prizes

FREE 5-Day Livestream Extravaganza
March 14-18, 2022

Unleash Your
Soul Brand

Unleash Your
Soul Brand

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