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Soul Brand


Elevate your work to attract premium clients consistently at premium prices.


Learn a brand shoot strategy that communicates, sells, and gives clients the ROI they’re looking for.

Elevate your work to attract premium clients consistently at premium prices.

Accelerate your skills...

Become a sought-after brand photographer as an in-demand Soul Brand Certified™ Expert.

Stop the sea of sameness by taking images that excite you, not just another coffee mug + laptop shot.

Implement a proven framework + intentional strategy for standout client results that WOW and create a reputation that precedes you.

Elevate to booked-out expert whose jaw-dropping work stops the scroll.

Learn how to create a streamlined creative brief that guides on-set decisions so you’ll leave each shoot confident that you nailed it!

Step into the New Era of marketing with images that speak straight to the soul and simplify marketing + sales, both for your clients and for YOU.

Jordan helped me see the blind spots in my business that I didn't even know I had. I learned so much about the entire brand shoot process that's beyond what words can truly express.


Your Creative Uplevel is Here

You’re already a good photographer. But you’re not here for “good.”

You’re here for excellence. Satisfaction. Fulfillment. And WOW.

You’re here for next level.

You don’t want to blend in with the crowd.

You don’t want your work to look like everyone else’s.

It’s not about your photos being “pretty” anymore.

You want your clients to be blown away.

You want people to stop their scroll when they see your work and say “I want that too.”

The one dream clients will invest a premium to work with, because they *know* the ROI is a guarantee.

The photographer people trust to take the creative risks that will truly bring their soul essence to life.

And there’s a reason why…

Those photographers that can truly capture a story, a brand unlike the others, they get more clients. Those clients? They want to pay more for the story that YOU help them bring to life.

Those clients don’t want the brick wall backgrounds.

They don’t want the “let’s go outside and wing it to see what works.”

And they don’t want the photos that look like everyone else’s…

They want next level.

Their business is next level. They want to look next level. And they’re willing to pay next level.

My client once went from making 2k per month, to 50k in one month by learning how to capture the stories in her photos and bring in these next caliber clients I’m talking about.

When you become this person, you step into an instant Category-of-One.

And success flows with ease.



Welcome to the New Era of Branding Photography

Entrepreneurship is hotter than a shirtless Bradley Cooper. Personal branding is critical.

And it’s safe to say, social media marketing is here to stay.

There’s an insatiable need for visual content. And not just any content.

Photos that stand out. That actually *embody* your client’s essence and express their personality.

It only takes one visit to Pinterest to realize that almost all brand photography looks the same.

The “Starbucks girls”. The brick wall coffee mug shots. The confetti toss.


There’s an industry-wide gap dying to be filled for photographers that can actually deliver on branding and images that create an impression of influence.

And when you can meet that demand, a whole new world opens up for you.

Your path to premium is here.

This program was built with so much more in mind than most would think.

This isn’t a program for photographers led by another photographer. With a background in film, an expert and strategic eye for marketing, and with a unique process that helps you align each client’s story with their personality this program is truly unlike any other.

I’ve taken my last 20 years of experience and bundled it into this exact program. But why?

Because I was there before. I wanted more. I wanted better. I wanted to stand out in the crowd. And I wanted the photos and the portfolio to prove it.

Are you nodding yes, yes, yes to what you’ve been reading?

Then this is for you.

The program is by application only.

What’s that mean?

It means we take it seriously who is ready for this level of work.

We want to make sure every single person is truly ready to take their business, their photos and their work to the next level.

Meet Jordan

As the creative powerhouse behind Ignite Your Soul Brand, I help create the jaw-dropping images on your Pinterest board, and I’ve brought to life the visual brands that have become your favorite online power players.

I create photoshoots that actually deliver what entrepreneurs really want– influence, magnetism, and photos that express what words cannot. And because of that, I’m in demand as a coveted expert, filling a gap that no one even knew existed.

By weaving together captivating color magic, subconscious story-telling, and fully-expressed style, I create an emotional bond that fast-tracks trust and familiarity for insta-yes sales and irresistible magnetic marketing.

As a former photographer and an award-winning entertainment advertising art director, I don’t just deliver the je-ne-sais-quoi soul magic that creates the subconscious pull– I’m also an organizational ninja with a proven logistics and production planning process that delivers results.

And now I’ve systematized the magic, and you get to reap the benefits.

When intuition meets intention, the magic happens. 

Soul Brand Certified™ is my proven proprietary method that gives you a competitive edge in your industry.

Ready for an envy-inducing portfolio that makes marketing a breeze?

Then Soul Brand Certified™ is where my magic elevates yours.

Soul Brand


Maybe you have amazing ideas, but before you know it, the logistics get too overwhelming and your clients default to Pinterest coffee mug shots. With my foolproof framework, you’ll be able to bring your wildest creative visions to life and reawaken your passion for your work.

After working with me, you’ll understand the difference between the shoots you may be doing, and a Soul Brand Certified™ shoot.

I’ll show you how to assemble an all-star team that will bring your BIGGEST visions to life, and how to work a timeline to ensure it all gets done with ease.

The key to premium pricing is elevation, and we’re elevating your shot list to creative brief status. Branding images require more variety and producing laser-focused marketing assets. You’ll learn how to create photos that guarantee ROI, so you can position yourself as THE premium expert.

Phase 3 is where you graduate from “pretty pictures” to powerhouse visionary.





Amazing photos start at the level of the subconscious. We begin by making YOU super confident in what you do, and giving you the skills to ensure your client also feels their most confident, shoot-ready self.

As an NLP expert, I understand how energy works and manifests in a shoot, and together we ensure that the energy communicated is the high-vibe one you want.

We’re unmasking the 4 Branding Blocks and visibility fears I have navigated with my clients over and over again, so that you can ensure a seamless, resistance-free shooting process.

I’ll teach you my Emotional Mapping Method™– how color, lighting, location and all of the elements of the brand shoot speak to the feelings and energy that you want to convey, so your client’s brand doesn’t get sabotaged by subconscious dissonance.

Phase 1 is all about unlocking the subconscious power inherent in your work.


Strategy + Soul

The Details 


A brand is only as powerful as the story it communicates. It gives a shoot purpose, and conveys energy in a way words can’t. With Subconscious Storytelling™, your clients will effortlessly share the deepest parts of their soul essence and create instant resonance and rapport with their images.

Props, clothing and accessories are fun– but with me, style is so much more subconscious than that! You’ll learn how to reverse engineer your brand’s essence through subconscious visual cues, and how to harness the power of symbology in your images.

Then we tie it all together with color magic. Nothing is more powerful subconsciously, than color. It evokes emotion, it directs focus. Done right, it’s a vibe. Done wrong, it will create subconscious dissonance.

We make sure it’s done right.

Phase 2 is a creative’s playground.

You’ll learn how to leverage the dynamic duo of sales and marketing to shatter your income ceiling and position yourself as the go-to expert. 

This transformative phase propels you into the realm of Category-of-One, guiding you through the art and science of strategic pricing and packaging to book those high-caliber clients. Even elevating your packages further by adding videography.

You’ll gain an understanding of how to leverage your social media to book brand shoot clients that you cannot wait to work with and are ready to invest in your packages.

Phase 4 is where you transcend the role of a photographer, stepping into your CEO shoes. 



This special list of templates, tools, and resources will give you the step-by-step, fill-in-the-blank, copy-and-paste shortcuts with rights to use them with your own clients.

The Guides

The members-only virtual lounge where all the current and past members of Soul Brand Certified™ hang out. Jordan and her team hold this special space for members to support each other. There is no coaching provided inside.

The Community

Become one of Ignite Your Soul Brand’s preferred vendors.

Preferred Vendor List

You’ll receive access to the members-only Vault that houses all the bonus Guest Expert training material from SEO, to marketing, to packaging and pricing.

The Guest Expert Vault

You’ll receive a personalized portfolio review from Jordan to get feedback on your work and how to elevate it to excellence and mastery.

Portfolio Review

Two times a month, you’ll be coached by Jordan live in a group setting. These calls are priceless. You can ask Jordan any question related to your business and the certification material and receive tailored feedback to achieve your next milestone.

Two Coaching & Q+A Calls Per Month


Brand Shoot Prep Checklist
Call Sheet Template
Pre-production Call Agenda
Production Tracking Spreadsheet

Brand Personality Workbook
Creative Brief Template
Shot List Template
Soul Brand Certified™ Framework


Brainstorming Concepts Framework
Subconscious Storytelling™ Workbook
Wardrobe Styling Guidelines
Color Flow Theory Framework


Identifying Your Why Workbook
Soulmate Client Workbook
Brand Strategy Workbook
Photo Usage Checklist


Here's what's available to you inside:

You’re already a good photographer. But you’re not here for “good.” 

You’re here for excellence. Satisfaction. Fulfillment. And WOW.

There's so much in store for you. Soul Brand Certified™ is the gateway to your next level.


Turn browsers into buyers effortlessly by harnessing my proven, high-converting sales page template.

High Converting Sales Page Template

Bonus #5

Learn advanced influence skills to align energetically with your ideal clients to book premium packages.

The Energy of Sales with Kelsey O'Neal

Bonus #4

Market to Get Premium Clients with MEG MARIE

Manifest an overflow of premium dream clients who value your gifts at every level through my magnetic marketing methods.

Bonus #3


Unlock the secrets of how to help your clients stand out and express their brand story and personality through their personal style.

Bonus #2

Tap into supernatural calm and clarity when the plan changes during the shoot day.

How to Pivot When the Unexpected Happens with Chanelle Segerius-Bruce

Bonus #1

Ready to make business-magic?

Transform your photography business by incorporating captivating videography for added creativity and value.

Elevate Your Packages with Videography by Bernadette Marciniak

Bonus #7

Learn to craft compelling and strategic content that not only captivates your audience but also drives sales.

Content that Sells with Wendy Brick

Bonus #6

Working with Jordan was a game changer! Even though I’ve been a brand photographer for six years and have my process dialed in, I was able to go deeper to support my clients even better. Jordan covers every part of planning a wildly successful brand shoot and you get a VIP pass into her Creative Director and Brand Designer mind. If you're looking to create a high-end experience for your  personal branding clients, this program will help you do it!


Elevate your photography and clientele
Only take on projects that drive profits and light you up
Recruit and lead a team of A-players that love to work with you
Build a business that lights you up and gives you a sense of purpose

to the next level - together.

Let's take your brand photography business



Fighting fire after fire and uses a unique process for each project. 


This is      for you if you’re:

Follow a proven brand shoot process that eliminates busywork & confusion



This    for you if you’re ready to:



Next cohort opens in Summer 2024

Soul Brand


Jordan’s process is way more comprehensive than I’ve experienced before. It's a full mind, body, and spirit approach and helped me really hone in on who I want to attract more of.  My business is so much more focused now!

-MELISSA EVANS, Melissa Raelynn Photography

What makes Jordan qualified to teach this?

As the award-winning creative powerhouse behind Ignite Your Soul Brand, Jordan creates the jaw-dropping images on your Pinterest board, and has brought to life the visual brands that have become your favorite online power players.

She creates photoshoots that actually deliver what entrepreneurs really want– influence, magnetism, and photos that express what words cannot. And because of that, she’s in demand as a coveted expert, filling a gap that no one even knew existed. If there’s anyone qualified to teach brand photographers how to step into next-level income and impact, it’s Jordan.

Will I get to work with Jordan directly?

Yes, Jordan offers “laser coaching” during the coaching calls, which means you’ll be able to ask her your questions and get direct feedback. No matter your challenge, Jordan will be there with you side by side, as you walk through it.

What makes your program different from others on the market?

Soul Brand Certified™ is unlike any other certification for branding photographers on the market. Most programs either teach marketing or how to get their businesses up and running. This certification is here to elevate your work so you can attract premium clients consistently at premium prices.

And you’ll be taught by an award-winning creative director who’s directed hundreds of photoshoots worldwide.

Members of Soul Brand Certified™ are ready to learn a proven brand shoot strategy that communicates, sells, and gives clients the ROI they’re looking for.


Are there any ongoing costs after certifying?

The work you do Soul Brand Certified™ should be done while you’re going about your regular day-to-day business. There will be 5 -7 hours of certification study each week. We do recommend you attend as many coaching calls live as you can.

Yes, Soul Brand Certified™ is a prestigious certification and we take pride in the level of excellence that you will now be able to deliver to your clients. The delivery of training and support of our photographers is second to none. Our photographers receive ongoing support and are held to a high standard. This is why, after your initial 12 months with us, there is a license fee of $111 per month or $1,111 per year. This includes ongoing access to our Soul Brand Certified™ Academy, shoot planning feedback, support around business growth, and a listing in our Preferred Vendors Directory online.

What makes the investment worth it?

One amazing client project. Another repeat client. More profit. Industry exposure. More efficient projects. Effortless Brand Shoots. You’ll accelerate your skills to become a sought-after brand photographer with an in-demand Soul Brand certification… And, what’s your peace of mind worth?

This certification program is perfect for you if you’re a branding photographer, and want to create huge success with more aligned clients, commanding higher prices, and mastering an unparalleled level of excellence with your work.

When you become this person, you step into an instant Category-of-One.

If you haven’t ever done a branding shoot before, we recommend holding off until you have more experience. Be sure to stay connected for lots more training, resources, and events!

If you’re here to go from “pretty pictures” photographer…to creative visionary and curious if Jordan thinks this is the right certification for you?

Don’t hesitate to reach out and book a call here.

Is Soul Brand Certified™ right for me?

Get Your Questions Answered

Here’s the Lowdown

Here’s everything you get inside Soul Brand Certified™

6 Month Apprenticeship with Jordan
2 Two Coaching & Q+A Calls Per Month
10 Masterclasses
Portfolio Review
Guest Expert Trainings
The Guides Resource Library
Exclusive Community
Joining the Exclusive Preferred Vendor List
Bonus #1 - How to Pivot When the Unexpected Happens
Bonus #2 - Storytelling with Style
Bonus #3 - Market to Get New Premium Clients
Bonus #4 - The Energy of Sales
Bonus #5 - High Converting Sales Page Template
Bonus #6 - Content That Sells
Bonus #7 - Elevate Your Packages with Videography
Bonus #8 - Style Tips for Different Body Types with Katie Kabel
Bonus #9 - Creating a Website Portfolio that Converts with Julie Nelson

More Organization and Peace of Mind
More Efficient Projects
Working with More Affluent Clients
More Confidence
An Elevated Brand
Work You’re Proud Of
Better Client Boundaries

More Repeat Clients
More Referrals
Tighter Project Management
Working with an A-Team
Commanding Premium Fees
More Fulfillment and Joy

Here’s what’s available to you when you’re Soul Brand Certified

Your next level awaits.

In a saturated market, clients are looking for a way to stand out, and when you can create that stand-out factor, you put yourself into an instant Category-of-One.

Soul Brand Certified™ is your ticket there.

Marketing is so much easier when you have work that speaks for itself.

But it’s on the other side of you learning how to create work that actually stands out in the way you know it can.

Ready to shift into premium pricing, clients, and positioning?

Excited to elevate your work + stand out as the expert you know you can be?

Then choose to get certified in the only proven framework to get you there.

There’s an Untapped Market waiting for you and your unique magic.

Let’s unlock it together.


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